الحل  تخصيص 

решения  настройки 

solución de personalización

intelligent weighing packaging solutions

to create low-cost, high efficiency weighing packaging lines

advantages and service

customized design

packing solution individually designed according to the each customer requirement

efficient weighing

high stability, high precision combination weigher

intelligent program

automatic and high efficient weighing and packaging machine

health labeling

stainless steel material in line with european and american standards

easy installation

simple installation, careful commissioned, patient service 

energy save

intelligent mode, energy efficient, low carbon environmental protection

long life operation

long life and stable operation


high-quality weighing packaging machinery and high-quality service make industry-leading


to provide customers with free packaging solutions design

according to the enterprises actual situation, research enterprise production efficiency and characteristics;

to provide customers with free packaging solutions design; 

leading intelligent packaging system to create a low-cost era            

customized team including many senior engineers and senior after-sales service engineers look forward to providing you with quality service.we have excellent project planning and design capabilities with rich experience,full follow-up production, rapid response, timely service,kenwei is your best choice.





to be excellent:produce weighing packaging equipment in best quality                 

preferably high performance brand components             

sheet metal laser equipment cutting with 


machining parts are used mold stamping to ensure versatility

high quality stainless steel raw materials    strict quality testing and finished product testing

to create high-quality weighing packaging system for you.