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foreign food factory why are combined quantitative weighing scales
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the rapid development of china's food industry, has produced many own brands, such as candy manufacturing company, li xiang, yake and other famous brands. but compared with foreign famous candy maker, regardless of size, per capita labor productivity indicators, domestic food companies have larger gap, nestle, cadbury, kraft, hershey, wrigley candy giant in the world, and minimum annual sales of 16 billion yuan or more, and domestic top 10 brand candy maker, largest of less than 10 billion, the smallest only 2 ~ 300 million, the per capita labor productivity is low more than can't, why the gap is so big?

it is well known that foreign food factory integrated operation cost is high, the land, plant, artificial, for example, in europe and the average employee salary at more than $30000, on the use of quantitative weighing of plate, high labour costs is prompting foreign enterprise scale using a portfolio. as a result, large and medium-sized food enterprises are efficient automation combination scale must be adopted. scale using a combination of a set of quantitative weighing and packing system is roughly $100000 into 2 ~, nestle and hershey candy giant abroad a workshop there are hundreds of sets of combination scale quantitative weighing packaging system, and 14 ~ 20 heads above the combination of the scale, speed up to 140 packages/points, effectively solves the problem such as artificial plant space and the production efficiency. each combination scale quantitative weighing and packing system not only for they can save the cost of nearly 60 employees every year ($2 million), and because the scale of high precision, but also save nearly 30 tons of raw material costs. even compared with capacity cup type or general electronic scale weighing food manufacturers, portfolio balance the combination of high speed and high precision same year also can save the cost of the 6 ~ 10 workers, along with the development of the enterprise scale, the use of combination scale besides can be calculated directly benefit to enterprise, and equipment maintenance, health management, operation and so on potential indirect benefits. foreign countries from this perspective, the combination scale known as the "king" in the field of quantitative weighing, they attach importance to the practice of combined balance nature is understandable.

domestic food companies use combination scales for quantitative weighing is not much, one is the domestic part of the food factory of combination scale don't yet know, another major is limited by the high price of imported combination scale, to experience the world's most advanced high efficiency brought by the weighing equipment. , led by zhongshan refined packaging machinery co., ltd, the emergence of domestic combination scale, let originally regarded as "noble products" computer combination scale is no longer a big enterprise to own, more the pursuit of high speed, efficient development-oriented enterprises, domestic will have bought economy applicable fine combination scale, and were eliminated in the past should the cup or total artificial quantitative weighing and packing way of backward, with high-tech, higher automation integrated quantitative weighing and packing balance system to arm themselves, so as to bring about a promotion to improve the production environment, improve the production and management automation, reduce the cost and production of new revolution.

(writing: chinese food network)