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the new tendency of quantitative weighing and packing
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at present, the small packaging products in the market share has reached 60%, in the supermarket, reaching 100%. quantitative problems of small commodity packaging, however, is not optimistic, according to a beijing municipal technical supervision bureau of the city's sale of quantitative packing commodities found in the spot check, percent of pass is only 57%, some as 37 g, 300 g of goods was less puffed food, tea, washing products there is a problem is more outstanding. defect reasons, except for some manufacturers to obtain illegal profits, juggle with your measurement, measurement method is one of the main reasons behind.

for more than ten years, our country small weighing quantitative packaging technology has improved, but as a result of more for medium and small enterprises, poor equipment, low technical level, the lack of money, and professional and technical personnel "congenital deficiency is widespread, such as product quality is not stable, low reliability, poor performance, single, upgrade cycle is long, the lack of competitiveness in the global and domestic markets. in the 21st century, the developed country small weighing quantitative packaging machinery technology content is higher and higher, japanese, german, american, italian common monopoly for about three-quarters of the world packaging machinery. our country is a packaging machinery production country, but in the varieties, quality concept, management level, the working efficiency and so on various aspects are there exists a certain gap with the developed country, the difference is likely to further increase. in the face of challenges, with the development of modern high technology and new technology revolution pace, actively develop modern small weighing quantitative packaging machinery, will be our common goal.

a, the status quo at home and abroad

the scope of the small bag packaging generally in a few grams to a few kilograms, rarely have more than 5 kg. at present domestic below 500 g range of small weighing quantitative packaging machine account for the vast majority, quantitative part by measuring cup, screw or drum "volume method" is given priority to, such as bag packaging machine are almost universal vertical packaging machine. this kind of "volume" using the disc mounted cup filling method, according to the percentage distribution of materials through the photoelectric detection volume ratio, but it's easy to have a material card (especially the puffed food), precision can reach 4%. at present, the township and village enterprises and some small and medium-sized enterprises, shortage of funds, cheap labor, the cost of quantitative packaging machine is relatively cheap, requirements for accuracy is not high, or a more practical, so in a short period of time will have certain market demand.

small weighing more than 500 g quantitative packaging machine manufacturer is relatively small, most manufacturers in the quantitative part adopts "weighing method", its biggest advantage is that single quantitative range wide, wide coverage, high accuracy, but due to the sensor key power transmission components such as response time constraints, single head quantitative speed cannot too fast. in order to obtain high speed, often need to increase the quotas, this is bound to result in an increase in the cost. such as zhongshan refined packaging machinery co., ltd ( in the "weighing method" mainly divided into two series: one is the linear vibration scale series; second, the computer function scale series. linear vibration scale series has a single head and double head, top 4 different types, and the scope of quantitative weighing 10 ~ 3200 g, using electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed, the resistance strain type weighing sensor as weighing force transmission parts, four head weigher quantitative speed of 40 ~ 60 times/min, the accuracy of plus or minus 2 g, for micro powder, granular, very suitable for granular materials; computer combination scale series has 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 top, different type combination scale is composed of multiple measures, according to the number of each group from the scale hopper and the total number of corresponding scale hopper combined, grouping synchronous measurement through the microcomputer system, and to automatically select the best close to or slightly greater than the calibration value calculated value as the output of the material, which can realize the rapid, accurate weighing and packing, weighing range between 10-6500 - g precision error can be controlled in + / - 1.5 g, quantitative speed can reach 60 ~ 180 times/min, can be suitable for various granular, block, strip, sheet, spherical and irregular shape materials quantitative weighing. as a populous country, china's small package of commodity demand is very big, small quantitative weighing equipment manufacturers specifications very lack, and expensive price of imported equipment, make a lot of food, plastics, hardware, daily necessities and so on small packaged goods manufacturers is very headache, today, the country boasts such as zhongshan multiweigh packaging machinery co., ltd. represented by a few manufacturer after continuous exploration, research, developed the linear scale and combination scale two major series of products, the linear scale series have single, double, four fights the product, such as combination scale series has eight head, 10, 12, 14, 16 the first class products. company adhere to strengthen scientific research and development, as far as possible the mechanical and electrical integration and automation control technology, pay attention to improve the quality of the part, improve the technological level, strengthen technology development and application of the relevant materials, developed the quality is stable, safe and reliable operation and quantitative high speed, high accuracy, strong comprehensive weighing quantitative packaging machinery, in the domestic and foreign partners attention and favor, believe that will shine in the international market.

all in all, small weighing quantitative packaging machinery in our country, the quantitative part is the "volume" dominant, relatively backward technology, poor accuracy; "weighing method" late start, but also need to further enrich and perfect; packaging machine is basically a vertical packaging machine, the specification is relatively single. packaging materials are mainly single film, composite film and the aluminum foil.