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sincere service to build kenwei automatic combination scale brand
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used to domestic food factory in quantitative weighing process are generally adopted should the cup type or commercial electronic scale, domestic portfolio balance can really afford, thus realize the advantages of using high-performance advanced weighing equipment is not much food manufacturer. the main reason is the high price of imported composite scales.

fine appearance of domestic function scale and sell like hot cakes, let originally seen as "noble products" computer combination scale is no longer a food of some of the giants of patents, more the pursuit of efficient development of domestic food companies, adopt the suitable price kenwei computer function scale and eliminating inefficient capacity cup type or the ordinary electronic scale, so as to bring about a new trend in quantitative weighing and packing equipment to improve performance.

why is the combination of superior technology and superior technology so popular? combination scale sales after the original mainly rely on middlemen buy out and vertical packaging machine, material conveyor, platforms and other supporting quantitative weighing packaging system, and then sell the whole unit to food manufacturers. this requires a skilled master of the principle, signal connection, main selling point and failure maintenance ability of each component of the quantitative weighing packaging system. as the core of the system, what is the selling point? how do you debug a good state? what is the accuracy and speed of different foods after weighing? where should i start the inspection? these problems may seem small, but they can seriously affect the effectiveness and effectiveness of the cooperation between the two sides. the company is deeply aware of the "difficulties" of the middlemen, and arranges for the middlemen to guide the market, training and market communication. analyze market together in the first place and middlemen, let the vast space of middlemen to fully realize the foreign market will be part of core business guide to the foreign market intermediaries, to avoid a large number of packaging factory excessive competition in the domestic market; secondly considering the middlemen to combination scales have a familiar process, fine company organization skills video filmed the debugging, maintenance, and the combination scale selling and promotion skills sufficient publicity; in order to obtain the data such as the speed accuracy of different materials, the middlemen should be more professional.

zhongshan multiweigh packaging machinery co., ltd. is from the pre-sale, sale to after-sale every link of fully, standing on the position of the middlemen, around the dealer in the sales process every detail do effect the sincere service, kenwei to usher in a large number of long-term cooperation of middlemen.

(writing: china market network)