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1g 14 heads noodle weigher 2.5l
发布于:2018/9/18 10:35:28        
1g 14 heads noodle weigher      2.5l

product type :  jw-a14-1-6

application :


        it is suitable for weighing soft strip products such as noodles, rice noodles, bean sprout, etc.



1. adopt high precision and high accurate loadcell of famous brand, resolution is improved up to 

    2 decimal;

2. program recovery function can reduce operation failures and support multi-segment weight 


3. no products auto pause function can improve weighing stability; 

4. 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirements and user-friendly help menu 

    contributes to easy operation; 

5. linear amplitude can be adjusted independently; 

6. many languages available for global markets. 


mechanical character :

1.suitable for products with max 300mm length; 

2.ip65 cabinet design, dimple plates for food contact parts; 

3.air pressure system built in cabinet prevents the electronic components from damage due 

    to humidity; 

4.60° steep discharge chute makes sure products discharge smoothly; 

5.equipped with a specially designed central cone, rotary top cone and dispense the products into 

    each linear feeder pans evenly; 

6.rotary rollers equipped between each linear feeder pan helps to dispense the long soft products 

    into feed hoppers. 

7.aluminum thickened middle standing enhances the strength of the machine, making the time for 

    stabilizing hoppers much shorter. 


technical specification :





identify code



 weighing range






 max speed



hopper volume


control panel

  7”touch screen


dimple plate/timing hopper/printer/reject device

driving system

 step motor

power requirement


 220v/1500w/ 50/60hz /12a

  packing dimension(mm)



 gross weight